We look forward to cooperate with you

We give our dozen or so members of construction and engineering personnel at your disposal. We also give you our production section: modern stock of machines and a team consisting of professionals in the fields of machining, production of structure, production of automation systems and many more.

Broad range of catalogue products includes inter alia rotameters used to measure the flux of liquids and gases, differential pressure gauges used to measure the overpressure, vacuum and pressure differences, fuel units used to measure the use of fuel, different types of laboratories such as bioreactors, gasifiers.

Except for sell of products from the catalogue we offer you cooperation in the field of production of unusual solution, adjusted to individual preferences and demands of the client. The process of production of individually ordered elements follows this scheme:

Concept ⇒ Advice ⇒ Project ⇒ Realization

Such a procedure allows precise qualification of important factors of the project:
time needed for realization
maintaining high quality of product
optimization of costs, so calculating a final price attractive for a client

Within our service activity we offer a range of specialist services. Professional metal working includes machining, designing and creating steel structures, water cutting and dust coating. Using modern machinery and devices we offer unit production as well as mass production. We are no afraid of unusual and complicated projects.
We also fulfil designing-constructing orders, offering professional laboratories based on documentation brought by the client and our long-term experience and professional knowledge.
If you do have any questions, please contact us via email or phone number 032 331 11 11.

Unia Europejska