Quality and environmental policy

Our main aim is to recognize and fulfil the needs of our customers, according to requirements of environmental protection, in terms of production of devices for measurement of liquid and gases flow and also research units for higher education and scientific institutes. We satisfy our client’s needs not only because of our punctuality, mobility and professionalism but also thanks to common awareness of our staff, that products of the highest quality create real conditions for our development and improve our competitiveness only if they are produced according to the legal requirements concerning environmental protection that come from identified environmental enterprise aspects, permissions and decisions. Conducting our business in line with applied regulations we are concentrated on continuous perfection and improvement of PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 i PN-EN ISO 14001:2005 Integrated System of Quality and Environmental Management introduced in 2004.

We accomplish this by:

  1. Precise determination of our customers’ needs and demands.
  2. Using modern technological solution and continuous improvement of work system.
  3. Continuous improving of our staff qualifications and competence.
  4. Choosing the suppliers that guarantee high quality of products and working in line with law concerning environmental protection
  5. Improving the awareness of our staff in terms of integrated management system.
  6. Introducing multistep quality control system and identifying causes of deficiencies directly on positions that work on key elements of assembly.
  7. Fulfilling the law requirements in terms of quality, environmental protection and identified environmental aspects.
  8. Minimisation of technological waste and conducting environmentally safe waste management by storing and shipping the waste to be recycled or utilized.
  9. Rational management of resources, materials, water, electrical and heat energy.
  10. Verification of effectiveness of Integrated Management System through internal audits and inspections, used to state if intended aims concerning the System and Quality and Environmental policy are fulfilled.

Management of the Company declares continuous improvement and perfection of Integrated Management System, fulfilling legal, technical and environmental requirements concerning our actions and products, preventing environmental pollution, everlasting awareness of our clients’ needs and  demands and providing resources for the system to work.

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