About Company

Zaklady Automatyki ROTAMETR was established as a result of proprietorship transformations of
Zaklady Automatyki Chemicznej METALCHEM Gliwice.

In the period of its activity, to follow the established and accepted corporate strategy, the company has got into relations with many representatives of different branches of industry.
In its history the Company has undertaken the realization of many significant contracts co-operating with Polish firms and foreign companies. Zaklady Automatyki ROTAMETR is modern company employing highly qualified technical and economic personnel and being in possession of appropriate technical equipment.

The enterprise specializes in production measuring and monitoring apparatus for industry, environment protection, pharmacy etc. The main goal of our production are glass and metal rotameters, digital flowmeters, fuel sets, signaling and liquid level control apparatus, control valves, formic manometers and elements for technological processes automation.

Apart from the production and the sale of a wide range of machines and devices, the company offers also services in designing and constructional works in the range of flow intensity measuring, making metal elements according to the customer’s projects, regarding processing by machine cutting, plastic processing of metal elements, metal-worker’s, artificial materials and gums, realization of injection forms, elements of switchboxes, steel constructions, technological instrumentation, powder painting. We specialize also in production of forged fencing, gates, balustrades, bars and roofings, trying to compound style pattern-designing with modern trends. We realize not only our own designs, but also individual projects, adapting oneself to customer’s requirements and taste.

Each Customer is treated individually so the activity of company in not restricted only to mediating in the production and distribution of other company’s products but it is a full service rendered for our Customers and covering the following activities:

  • - product promotion,
  • - preparation of an offer,
  • - preparation and negotiation of contract conditions,
  • - supervision of the correct and quick realization of a contract,
  • - rendering after-sales services under guarantee and post-guarantee ones,
  • - sale of spare parts and sub-assemblies.

The fact that all works can be performed in own machine park shortens significantly the time of order realization and makes the offered prices both competitive in the market and attractive for the Company’s customers.

Zaklady Automatyki ROTAMETR concentrates its efforts on the highest quality of products and rendered services. Such an approach resulted in the successful application of the Quality Management System according to the PN-EN ISO 9001:2001 and PN-EN ISO 14001:2005.

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