Fuel consumption meter MD-K1 type

Meter MD-K1 type is designed for precise measurement of fuel consumption by diesel engine a8VC22 type SM 42 locomotive.

Device has additional functions: choice of fuel feeding by one of mail filters with simultaneous cutting off the second filter. Next the fuel circuit is switched over and the measuring set is passed over.

The engine can work in case of fuel set failure.

As additional option there can be delivered heat exchanger and thermostatic valve.

Fuel consumption meter MD-K1 type consists of degasifer, filters set and flowmeter. Those parts are closed in tin housing.

Device`s way of acting

The measurement of flow rate is realized by volume flowmeters.
The result of measurement can be read directly on mechanical counter or remotely with pulser using.
In this case meter cooperates with various electronic systems and the result can be sent e.g. as printout.
Electronic system registers all probes of interference. Mechanical seals protected the fuel set.

Device`s way of acting

  • measuring range  -  10 ÷ 400 dm3/h
  • measurement accuracy  -  ± 1,5 %
  • mass (without fuel)  -  70 kg
  • internal wires diameter  -  16 mm

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