Rotameters RCM type

Measuring ranges


Basic elements of rotameters: glass pipe and float.
Material of pipe:glass (allay of boron and silicon) in sort simax or termisil.
The rotameter’s shield is transparent.
Body of rotameter is made of brass or allay of aluminium.

Accuracy of reading

The standard accuracy class is 2,5 according with PN-85/M-42371.

Installation directions

  1. The rotameter should be install in vertical position.
  2. The rotameter’s stresses and vibrations are not allowed. In industrial constructions it is necessary ( in front of and behind of rotameter ) to join the pipeline with supporting structure and installing the elastic parts in adjoining segments.
  3. For rotameter reading we used the biggest dimension of float. Very often it is the upper edge of float. In reading time the float has to assume a steady position without vertical osscilation. The flux of fluid can not contains the gas bubbles
  4. Pollutants which flows through the rotameter creating the sediments on measuring elements so it is necessary disassemble the rotameter and flush it by dissolving substances. If the user is not able to clean up the rotameter there is possible to clean the rotamater by producent. The sediments in rotameter causes falsility measurements.

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