We invite you to use consider our offer concerning machining of metals and other materials. We guarantee high quality, precision and short terms of realization. We offer mass and unit production of elements from our own resources or resources delivered by the customer. Over 30 years of experience in this trade. Production department that consists of qualified staff. If needed our engineer and designer team provides consultation and project support. We are focused on the highest quality of offered products and services. This is why we have implemented Integrated System of Quality and Environmental Management according to PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 i PN-EN ISO 14001:2005 standards.

Our machinery

Milling machine CNC 5-axes DUGARD 1000Y+

  • Size of the table 1200 x 610mm
  • Milling: X=1020mm, Y=610mm, Z=510mm

Lathe CNC Gildemeister NEF-320

  • Max lathing diameter 150mm
  • Max length of an element 600mm

Lathe CNC Gildemeister CTX-320 Linear

  • Max lathing diameter 250mm
  • Max length of an element 300mm

Conventional lathes

  • Lathing diameter from 5 to 500mm
  • Max length of an element 600mm for diameter 100mm
  • Max length of an element 100mm for diameter 500mm

Conventional milling machines

  • Max size of the table 250 x 1000mm

Surface grinders

  • Max size of the table 300x1000mm
  • Max size of the table 200x540mm

Cylindrical grinders

  • Diameters from 5 to 80mm for max length 250mm

Conventional hydraulic press

  • Max thickness of plate 5mm
  • Materials: ordinary steel, acid proof steel, aluminium alloys, brass

Waterjet – water cutting machine

  • Max thickenss of material 160mm

Materials for processing

  • steel – acid proof steel, stainless steel, ordinary steel, aluminium alloys, titan, copper, bass, silver, invar, Inconel
  • stone – granite, limestone, shale, marble, travertine, conglomerates, corian, quartz
  • plastic – PC (polycarbonate), PMMA (plexi), PVC (polyvinylchloride), PTFE (teflon), PA (polyamide), PP (polypropylene), ABS.
  • ceramics
  • glass – quartz, non-tempered glass, boron silicate
  • wood – including plywood

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