Laboratorial rotameters ROL type

The rotameters ROL are used to measurement of volume fluxes or mass fluxes of gases in experimental and laboratorial installations.

Exemplary measuring ranges

Accuracy of reading

The standard accuracy class is 2,5 according with PN-85/M-42371. On demand there is possible to execute the rotameter in higher accuracy class with calibration certificate from our laboratory, Weights and Measures Office or from Accredited Laboratory.


Standard version:
1- glass pipe
2- float (made of CrNi steel sort 1H18N9T, Al, ebonite, teflon)
3- screwed mounting ( allay of Al )
4- connection on hose ( it is possible to join rotameter with installation with the aid of rubber hose)

Special version:
ZA – with control valve of allay of AL
ZK – with control valve of CrNi steel
ST –additional equipment on tripod (stand) with handles on 6 rotameters
K endings on hose are made of CrNi steel
ROL-16 and ROL-25 rotameters can be made in higher accuracy class

Installation directions

For rotameter reading we used the biggest dimension of float. Very often it is the upper edge of float. In reading time the float has to assume a steady position without vertical osscilation. The flux of fluid can not contains the gas bubbles.
The rotametrs type ROL should be install in vertical position, in typical laboratory handles or in tripod (stand). Theses rotameters join with installation with the aid of rubber hose. Factor flows through the rotameter from the bottom (lower part) to the top.
It is possible to mount the control valve which allows controlling the volume or mass flux.


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