Fuel set ZPR 1-B type

Fuel sets are designed for precise measurement of fuel consumption by combustion engine with self-ignition. Wide measuring range, compact construction and differential measurement method cause that fuel set ZPR 1-B fulfills requirements of modern metering of motive units which are equipped in high-pressure injection systems for example Common Rail or PLD.
Output signal is subjected to processing in electronic module ME.
In processing time dates about parameters of fuel and flowmeters, which change during the engine working, are take into account.
The result of measurement is recalculated to fiducial temperature 15ºC and after supplying to Fleet Manager or another counter can be transformed.
The result can be display on screen or as printout etc.
The fuel set is also equipped in ball valves. The ball valves make possible switching of fuel cycle and continuation of engine working in case of failures of measuring transducers.
The fuel set is protected by metal casing. The metal casing is protected by powder painting.


- generality
- high measurement precision
- innovate of construction
- high reliability
- cooperation with counter with impulse input
- easy installation
- protection before interference of outsiders

Principle of operation

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