Aspirator AMZ-1 Type

Aspirator AMZ-1 type is used to sampling air (instantaneous and daily average measurements of pollutants of air).

Technical dates

1 – absorbent paper filter
2 – rotametr
3 – bulbs
4 – liquid separator
5 – membrane pump
6 – pump handwheel
7 – dampen filter
8 – gas meter
9 – gas meter counter

Device`s way of acting

Elements of aspirator are located in metal enclosure. On the right side there is hole which enable access to pump handwheel. Aspirator is used to sampling of air by probe which is connected with absorber paper filter (1). Upper cover of filter is connected with rotameter (2) which indicates required air flow (dm3/h). From rotameter air flows to Dreschl bulbs (3) with absorption solution and via liquid separator (4) air is sucked in by electromagnetic membrane pump (5). From pump by the dampen filter (7) air flows to gas meter (8) with counter (9) and after this process air flows outside.


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